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This week at casa cardicorgi

I hope everyone is enjoying the snowy spring! We had around 3 inches fall Saturday night.

We had a good week, overall. The girls and I made the trip down to Centralia with my folks for my Aunt's birthday. We took her out to lunch and I was very proud of how well my kids behaved! They're usually good, but this was exceptional... playing quietly while we waited for the food and eating their lunches neatly, it was great! I could get spoiled.

We had a fun toddler gym class on Saturday. It was the last class of the session and our teacher's last class ever. She's been doing the class for nine years so they had a big party for her with fruit and cake and crackers... all the toddler favorites. We'll miss her and I wonder who we'll get next time around.

anonymoushubby is starting his fourth week of jury duty today. They're heavily into deliberations now, but I don't know if there's an end in sight. He's getting a little stressed by the whole thing, especially since he hasn't been to work in weeks so all of that stuff is piling up. Hopefully, they'll all be refreshed and ready to come to a consensus after having the weekend off.

The not-so-good part of the week is that I woke up yesterday with a cough and a fever. I don't know what it is, but it's no fun. So far, no one else in the house has caught it. I hope it stays that way! I'm trying to avoid everyone, but it's hard to keep the kids off of me (especially since Lilia attaches herself to me several times a day to nurse). I have no idea where I picked this up, either, so I don't know how long it would take them to come down with it. The upshot is that my brain is fuzzy and this update may make less sense than usual. And I can't remember half of what we did last week.

I'd better get well soon, though, since we have a wedding to attend on Wednesday! I got my hair cut for it and everything.
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