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This week at casa cardicorgi

I hope everyone is having a better week than we are!

My little fever and cough from last week ended up being the flu. The real flu. (For my lab friends, the rapid test was positive for influenza B and the np swab was lots of fun.) I spent most of the week in a fever-induced stupor, hoping that the flu shots would protect the kids from me. I forgot to get one for myself this year. We had to miss out on the wedding, the parade and all of the other fun stuff we were going to do last week and the kids watched way too much tv. My fever finally broke on Friday so now I'm just dealing with being worn out.

Unfortunately, we found out that this year's flu shot isn't doing a great job with flu B... widgetsworld came down with a fever Saturday afternoon. She's spending a few days on the couch, but says that she feels ok. She actually gets really upset if she hears me and/or anonymoushubby talking about her being sick. "I'm normal!" she yells. She actually hasn't had any symptoms other than the fever, though that's making her touchy enough.

If we're lucky, sprocketsspace will be protected by the antibodies she's getting from me through the breastmilk. And if we're lucky, anonymoushubby will avoid getting it. I wouldn't count on it, though. We're already going to have to postpone his birthday. Hopefully, not Easter though.

anonymoushubby is finally off of jury duty... after 3 days of jury selection, 2 weeks of trial and almost 5 days of deliberation they came to a verdict. Info on the trial he was on is here if anyone is interested. He finished up just in time to take care of me and widgetsworld!

We did have one outing over the weekend, during the brief period between my fever going away and widgetsworld's arriving. We took a drive Saturday afternoon and had a little picnic in the park. It was such a nice day and a local group was doing some barrel racing trials at the park, so we were able to watch the horses while we ate. widgetsworld was particularly impressed by the horse who peed while he was waiting for his turn. She's still talking about that. Both girls had fun playing on the playground and sprocketsspace was thrilled about going down the slide.

This week should be fun, once we get over the flu! anonymoushubby will get older and there will be Easter Egg fun.
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