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This week at casa cardicorgi

Greetings from flu-ville.

anonymoushubby came home early Tuesday with a fever... the flu strikes again! Because he was watching for the symptoms, he was able to go to the doctor early enough to get Tamiflu. It seems to work very well for making the flu symptoms much milder than they would otherwise be. He still had several days of not feeling well, but little in the way of fever, cough, aches, etc. Though having the flu on his birthday was no fun.

And then on Friday, the last holdout succumbed... sprocketsspace came down with the fever. She's doing pretty well right now as she's in the middle stretch of lower temps and feeling better. If it follows the same pattern as the rest of us, she'll have another couple of days of fever and then be done with it by the end of the week. She and widgetsworld had the flu shot, which seems to make it a bit milder for them. Neither of them got the terrible cough that I did (and still have) and widgetsworld certainly recovered faster!

Consequently, we didn't get to have much fun again this week. We've had to postpone anonymoushubby's birthday and family Easter fun and we missed out on the first week of classes at the Y. My mom pointed out that we at least have an end in sight now since we've all had it! It will be nice to be done with the flu and able to leave the house again. The girls and I are dealing with a bit of cabin fever.

This week, I'm looking forward to no new cases of flu in the house! And lots of fun stuff this weekend, assuming everyone is feeling better.
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