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This week at casa cardicorgi

We're finally flu free around here. It's been a long three weeks of fevers and staying home.

After toddler gym on Saturday, we headed to the Spring Fair. I love fairs, have I mentioned that? It was pretty crowded being Saturday afternoon and all. We managed to have lots of fun in spite of the long lines, though. widgetsworld got to go on a few rides and won a new ball at the "fishing" game (plastic, magnetic fish). sprocketsspace complained about not being able to do that stuff yet but enjoyed the people watching. We all enjoyed visiting the goats and chickens in the barns.

Sunday was our belated Easter Egg hunt down in Olympia. Auntie Trina hid sugar filled plastic eggs all over Grandma's yard and the girls had a great time finding them. widgetsworld is an egg finding machine, her basket was over-flowing! sprocketsspace wasn't sure what the fuss was at first... it was fun to put eggs in the basket, but she doesn't have the competitive streak yet and was more than happy to just look at the eggs. Grandpa did some grilling and we had a whole Easter Party! The girls slept all the way home.

Today, we had widgetsworld's appointment to recheck her vision. She tested as normal this time around, so there's nothing to worry about at this point. It was a pretty painless appointment.

Then we headed out to the park to take advantage of the nice weather. After walking the paths, we turned the kids loose to play at the playground. widgetsworld got over her initial hesitation about the slides (I don't know where that's coming from) and spent a lot of time going down the tunnel slide. sprocketsspace wasn't sure which slide she wanted to go down for awhile, but she sure did enjoy climbing around the smaller equipment.

It's nice to be well in time for the fleeting warm spring weather!
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