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This week at casa cardicorgi

We had an exciting week around here! widgetsworld had two big milestones and, of course, there was Mother's Day.

We took widgetsworld to the library to get her very own library card. anonymoushubby helped her fill out the application, but she did everything else. She decided to check out some dinosaur books so she asked the librarian where they were. It was very cute how excited she was about the whole process. We've read her library books several times a day since then, too!

widgetsworld's other big event this week was getting a brand new booster seat. She's just big enough to move out of her old car seat, which is handy as sprocketsspace is finally growing out of the baby bucket (infant seat). We let widgetsworld pick out her new seat and made a big deal about what a good big sister she was to give her old one to sprocketsspace. It was so successful that we ended up taking a trip to the park since the kids were just going to sit in the car in the garage for awhile.

The park that we went to is one that I remember well from my own childhood so it's fun to watch my kids enjoy it, too. widgetsworld and sprocketsspace both loved the creek and the slides. The also played a nice game of "Pooh sticks" with anonymoushubby. Once it gets a little warmer, we'll have to take them back to actually wade and play in the water.

anonymoushubby made me a lovely Mother's Day breakfast on Sunday and then let me have a luxurious bubble bath while he entertained the kids. It was quite relaxing. Then we headed down to Olympia for lunch/dinner with anonymoushubby's family. It was fun to go out with everyone and the kids all did great.

This week is looking a little busy, but it's mostly fun stuff. anonymoushubby is away tonight having a sleep study done. I think it would be kind of hard to sleep knowing that someone is watching and listening and recording everything, but I guess they make it as home-y as possible. We have some fun visiting planned later this week and more Mother's Day fun. Plus, sprocketsspace will be 18 months old!
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