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Our Mother's Day festivities continued as we took my mom out to lunch. widgetsworld was less patient than usual with the whole restaurant thing, but sprocketsspace had a great time trying all the food. widgetsworld was much happier when we stopped at the park on our way home. Both girls showed off their sliding and swinging skills for Grams.

On Saturday, anonymoushubby took me to the Farmer's market as my own Mother's Day outing. The weather was fabulous and there was lots of fun stuff to look at. The girls got balloon animals made and played on the playground there. There were hot dogs and popcorn and we all had a great time.

Sunday was spent in the backyard. I did a bunch of weeding and a little planting while anonymoushubby prepped the compost for me. He enlisted the girls to help him sort out the worms for return to the compost bin, but that didn't last too long. They much preferred getting as sandy and then muddy as possible. sprocketsspace took two baths and they both had several outfit changes that day! We ended the day with out first BBQ and picnic of the year.

Today was sprocketsspace's 18 month doctor visit. She's happy and healthy and still tiny, but at least she's consistent! She did finally make it to the magical 20 pound mark where she can turn around in the car, though! That will make our vacation road trip much easier. sprocketsspace was fascinated by the dr and loved the book that he gave her. She's such an easy going kid!

We didn't get to do as much visiting as we'd hoped last week and our visit with Auntie T and Z has been postponed once again (3 times so far, due to illness... we're taking turns being sick!). At this rate, summer will be over before we get to have that play date!

We're looking forward to the nice weather and long weekend this week!
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