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This week at casa cardicorgi

We have returned from vacation... anonymoushubby is even back to work today, so it really is all over for another year.

We had a great time, though. We did the carousel, window shopping, beach going, the aquarium and hit some of our favorite eateries. anonymoushubby's folks, his sister and cousin H joined us for much of our week. The girls had a great time together and the weather was nice enough for lots of beach and ocean playing. It was fun for us to show off one of our favorite vacation spots. sprocketsspace loved the water and widgetsworld loved the beach. We did manage to get widgetsworld to play in the water a few times, though.

I wrote a few updates on our website blog while we were gone, if you want more details on our vacation. I'm also working on getting more pictures up on the site... but that might take me a couple of days.

The only bad part of our vacation was sprocketsspace's trip to the local ER. The house we were in had a flight of stairs to get up to the bedrooms and we kind of pulled in opposite directions when I was helping her one evening. She ended up with nursemaid's elbow (a common dislocation, it's more common in girls than in boys for some reason), which the doctor popped back in quickly and sprocketsspace acted like nothing had ever happened. I was more traumatized than her.

In other news, the critters here at home had a great time with our best house sitter. It gives us great peace of mind to have someone that we can count on to take care of them while we're away.

On our way home, we stopped in Olympia and visited the new goats at Grandma's house, which was great fun. Grandma got three baby goats just after she got back from vacation. They're really cute and sweet.

We've spent the last few days trying to recover from all of the excitement of vacation. We're slowly getting back to our regular routine, but it's tough. We had our last tumbling class of the session and our first trip to the farm for produce. Lots of different things going on these days... we're looking forward to Meeker days this weekend and maybe some visiting. And anonymoushubby has an appointment to find out the results of his sleep study!
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