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This week at casa cardicorgi

I'm finding it hard to believe that the year is half gone already, but my allergies assure me that it is the end of June.

I think I've lost all sense of time since having kids and quitting my job...

widgetsworld started her swimming classes this week, which she loves. They're learning how to kick and float and how to do a few swimming strokes. She's in a class with a few older boys and they all have a great time splashing each other while waiting their turn to work with the teacher. widgetsworld tells me every day that she wants to go to swim class.

We spent Saturday out at the Tacoma Highland Games. It was interesting to see how it's different from the big Highland Games that will be out in Enumclaw in a few weeks. widgetsworld was fascinated by the hammer throwing and the dancing girls. sprocketsspace loved the puppet show and the dogs. anonymoushubby and I liked the pipers and shared an ice cream bar. So, something for everyone!

This coming week should be fun. We'll have more swimming classes (and anonymoushubby might even be able to come watch, too!) and toddler gym. We'll be spending the Fourth of July in both Olympia and Puyallup and widgetsworld can't wait for the fireworks. anonymoushubby will have a long weekend and I might get to visit with some people that I haven't seen in ages.

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