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This week at casa cardicorgi

We had quite an exciting week... a trip to Alder lake, a trip to the doctor, lots of sprinkler fun...

We all headed out to Alder lake to celebrate my dad's birthday and widgetsworld had her first fishing lesson. She was very impressed. Pas brought a fishing rod just for her and showed her how it worked. She got to hold it and practice reeling it in. She was excited about it for awhile, but soon traded fishing in for "skipping" rocks and playing at the playground. They ended up catching a few little fish and widgetsworld helped release them back into the wild. All in all, a very successful introduction to fishing.

Meanwhile, sprocketsspace hung out throwing things into the water and watching everything. She probably would have waded right into the lake, but it was one of our chilly days so we wouldn't let her. Both of them really liked the tire swing and playing with their uncle, though.

On Saturday, widgetsworld woke up in a panic because she couldn't open her eyes. Poor kid picked up pink eye somewhere last week (probably the Y) so we headed in to the doctor for eye drops. That has been a bit of a challenge, though talking her into sitting still for the drops takes much longer than actually getting them into her eyes. She's actually pretty cooperative. I told her that we couldn't go anywhere if she didn't let me put the medicine in her eyes... that kid hates staying home. She's not contagious anymore, but I'm guessing it won't be long before sprocketsspace comes up with it, considering how much they both touch everything!

We had a nice weekend overall, though. We went to the new pancake place for breakfast and had a fun trip to the hardware store. anonymoushubby spent some time smoothing out part of the lawn (or starting the process, anyway) while the girls and I worked on cleaning wallpaper off of a wall.

This week will be interesting. We have the usual classes scheduled, but the pink eye could change how we do things if it travels through the family. Hopefully, we'll be able to hit a park sometime and enjoy the nice weather. Our visit south got cancelled, but I'm sure we'll find lots to do.

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