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This week at casa cardicorgi

About 2 hours after I sent last week's email, sprocketsspace's eyes started oozing. So we had several days of eye drops for two! On Tuesday, sprocketsspace had some kind of discomfort that I couldn't pinpoint (I'll be so glad when she decides to talk to us) but I suspect that it was her tummy. It only lasted a couple of hours, but kind of cancelled our plans for that day. On Thursday, widgetsworld had some very definite and visual tummy trouble that, happily, only lasted a few hours. Also on Thursday, I woke up with a sore throat so we took a quick trip to the doctor for my strep throat diagnosis... by evening, my fever was 102 degrees and I was pretty much useless to everyone until Sunday. The good news is that anonymoushubby was able to take a few hours off on Thursday and go in late on Friday, which helped greatly. Also good that he has yet to get whatever plague we've picked up.

We did manage to have some fun with swim classes (they had a special safety day which widgetsworld loved), toddler gym (the confirmed source of the plague), our weekly trip to the farm and lots of backyard playing. It's been tough for widgetsworld to stay home so many days and I didn't have enough energy to find as many things to do as she needs. She's a high energy kid! Consequently, we had a few days of too much tv and not enough good behavior. It's a good thing that sprocketsspace is a cuddler and was happy to just hang out with me and play quietly much of the time. anonymoushubby helped by taking them out to ride their "bikes" for awhile. Also by making sure that everyone was fed and dressed and clean while I was out of commission.

I'm hopeful that this week will be much better. We have the last week of classes for this session and widgetsworld gets to got to special music preschool day camp kind of thing (it's just two hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it's a big deal to her). I'm sure that sprocketsspace and I will find something fun to do with our free time. And one of these days, we're going to take widgetsworld to her first movie theater movie!
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