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I hope everyone survived the record heat... I know that I'm very happy with our decision a few years ago to add an air conditioner when we replaced the furnace. We had to be out and about in the heat some, but it was nice to come home to a relatively cool house (still way too hot for me, though).

anonymoushubby finally came down with the plague, almost 2 weeks after I did. I'm not actually sure that it was the same thing, but he was pretty sick for a few days. Since we didn't want the rest of us to get sick again, he got quarantined to the bonus room with a can of Lysol and hand sanitizer (and a window a/c unit, thanks Grandpa!). He's feeling much better now so he got to come back downstairs and go to work today.

Between the heat and being anonymoushubby sick, we didn't get out as much as we'd planned. The girls and I made a fun trip over to my folks, though, complete with (kiddie) swimming pool and dinner! They had a great time splashing and playing in the water and stayed in the pool for a long time because of the hot weather.

We did get a bit of cleaning and organizing done this weekend. Not nearly as much as we need to do, but anything is good!

We missed out on going to the Ren Faire but, happily, it runs for two more weekends. That is particularly handy as the Pierce County Fair is this coming weekend. widgetsworld was very excited to see a couple of rides driving down the road this morning. Have I mentioned how much I love fairs?

This week is the start of new classes for the kids. widgetsworld is taking swimming a class again and sprocketsspace will be taking one, too (though she has to have one of us with her). widgetsworld is also going to try out gymnastics. It will be interesting to see what she thinks of that since she's been so excited about doing summersaults and walking on the balance beam by herself.

I'm just glad that it's not as hot anymore.
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