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This week at casa cardicorgi

We had a fun, exciting and educational week around here...

We finally got the chance to use the extractor tool that we got from the doctor when widgetsworld shoved the pea up her nose! sprocketsspace decided to keep up tradition and wandered up to me the other day saying "pea" and pointing to her nose. Luckily, there was an uncle around to help me pop it out of there... that little tool is pretty nifty but I'm glad someone was around to hold her little arms out of the way!

We learned from poison control that laurel berries are poisonous, but you have to eat more than a couple before it becomes a problem. And we learned that kids should always check with their parents before eating random berries found in the yard to avoid the "you ate what?" drama.

widgetsworld had her first day of school! She was very excited for it and had a great time. I got to watch some of her "class" in between learning what my duties will be when it's my turn to volunteer in class. I think outside time and music time were her favorites. I wonder when it will occur to her that she's going back a couple of times a week for the next 9 months or so.

We took an impromptu visit to Olympia when Cousin H called to let us know that the butterflies she was raising had hatched. It was fun to see the butterflies drying their wings and finding their food. I hear that the butterflies were set free over the weekend and are currently living in Grandma's garden.

This weekend was productive... we cleaned out the storage shed in our backyard! anonymoushubby's dad came up to help move things around and haul stuff away, which was very helpful. anonymoushubby is happy to have a home for his tools and that will come in handy when it's flooring time.

The girls and I spent this afternoon at the fair with my folks. It was a lovely day for it (a bit overcast but warm) and everyone had a great time. widgetsworld went on lots of rides. Her favorites are always the "obstacle course" types, but she got to ride on a real pony too. sprocketsspace was a little bored waiting for those rides, but she loved going on the carousel and playing the games once it was her turn. We even ran into friends that I hadn't seen in months, which was great considering I'd spent the weekend sorting through old college stuff and wondering how everyone was doing!

This coming week looks to be pretty busy. anonymoushubby has several things planned for his day off, some fun some not. He'll be manning the amateur radio booth at the fair from 6-10 pm on Wednesday so if you're in the area (I think it's in the Hobby Hall), stop by and say hi! We're also getting our big delivery this weekend. I'm pretty excited about the washer and dryer, but I'm still not sure where all the boxes of flooring are going... And, of course, I'm hoping for a couple more trips to the fair!


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