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This week at casa cardicorgi

Is everyone enjoying the last of the nice weather (around here at least)? I know I'm looking forward to the rain and wind this week, but that's mostly because I want to stop taking the allergy medicine.

In other news... "Banjo" will be joining the family (externally, at least) around the end of March 2010, so right in between widgetsworld's birthday and anonymoushubby's birthday. That puts me at almost 14 weeks along right now. "Morning sickness" is mostly in the evening for me, and I really couldn't face preparing anything raw, so anonymoushubby and the kids ended up with a lot of fast food for a few weeks. We will be keeping this baby a "surprise", just like the last two, so everyone has to wait another 6 months or so to know if it's a boy or girl. The girls have an ongoing argument about that, but those two can turn anything into an argument! Banjo will arrive by scheduled cesarean if everything goes according to plan (my only option after two emergency c-sections). And we will then have three kids under five years old... and be outnumbered.

I got to "work" at preschool as the snack mom. widgetsworld decided on apples and cheese as our snack and helped me prepare and portion it out. As snack mom, I got to play with the kids in the blocks/puzzles/etc room and then the bubbles area during outside time. widgetsworld had a great time being the helper for the day. Meanwhile, sprocketsspace ran errands with Grams and Pas and enjoyed being the only grandchild for a bit.

We donated all of our interior doors and old bathroom fixtures, so our storage shed is nicely cleared out. Unfortunately, that means that we've got a very open floor plan right now! Still, it was nice to have good forward momentum in the remodeling. anonymoushubby and his dad opened up some of the boxes of flooring to see which way will look better when they lay it out. It's going to be such an upgrade when it all gets put in... getting rid of all of the dark features will make the house seem so much brighter.

The Y was hosting a big community open house over the weekend so sprocketsspace got to get her face painted and play in the gym while widgetsworld had her class. They had all kinds of things set up for the kids... now I just need to remember to register for next session!

We hit the fair for the last time this year. After a tasty lunch, anonymoushubby took the girls on the skyride. They loved being up so high and seeing the whole fair. widgetsworld has actually been talking about it ever since they rode last year, so it must be pretty impressive from their point of view. Meanwhile, I helped out a lost kid. There was much rides riding and then we (finally) had our annual treat at the dairy barn. It was a warm and crowded day at the fair, but lots of fun.

This week should be interesting. Apparently, I'm scheduled to go to preschool again on Thursday! I didn't expect to do two weeks in a row, but it counts as a completely different month so maybe that explains it. I'll be doing "art" this time, though, so that will be new and exciting! Since we're out of fairs to go to, I guess I'll get serious about sorting and storing the kids clothes and shoes. And I really need to find my maternity pants.

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